Concept of Le vin du mois

The concept

The project of our company is to discover wines and winemakers. Le Vin du Mois (The Wine of The Month in english) is the solution to all the wine lovers, interested in discovering wines from independent winemakers which you can’t find in Belgium. Every month, there are two new selections! 
To treat yourself or as a gift idea for someone lucky !


Our choice

Through our monthly boxs, le Vin du Mois values are to promote organic wines produced by independent and european winemakers  ! 

Our foundamental desire is to make you discover authentic wines which are easy to access for everyone. 

We are working directly with winemakers because we really believe everyone in the supply chain has to be paid at fair value. Short circuit is the best way to achieve it.

Our selections

Alexis Van Lede, wine catcher, is travelling all around Europe to find the very best wines  from independent winemakers ! 

Eric Boschman, elected best sommelier in Belgium, tastes all the discovers to select only the best of the best during a blind tasting. 

Together, they reunite the wine lovers ‘ pleasure of tasting and  the sommeliers ‘ technique.

Our story

The story began back in 2013. Geoffroy Van Lede decided to bring to life a new concept which could help wise and less wise people discover wines. Three criteria were fundamental : independent winemakers, respectful of the environnement and europeans producers. With his informed consumer’s knowledge and with Eric Boschman’s help, they could suggest 2 new wine selections every month.

Unfortunately, a 30th December 2017, our funder and captain of Le Vin du Mois passed away. Since the 26th January 2018, Geoffroy’s older brother, Alexis, took the lead in tribute to his brother.

From a tragic history, Alexis made Le Vin du Mois an opportunity to perpetrate his brother’s creation.


A new passion was born for Alexis. Since then, the project continues progressing and conquering the Belgians! Alexis and Gwenaëlle, his wife, changed something major to the original project : the organic wines. Le Vin du Mois offers organic, biodynamic or Terra Vitis wines only. All those designations representing a great respect for the cultivated lands. Knowing that 3% of the cultivable surface for the vines in France represent 20% of the pesticides used for the agriculture. It is about time to change our consumption mode. Fostering organic and local winemakers is essential to the world we live in.

Our offices and place for Events

You can find us here for our monthly “Apéro du Vin du Mois” or to take away your wine boxe : 

Coworking “Timesmore”
47, Boulevard Saint-Michel
1040 Bruxelles, Belgique

Martin : +32 478 59 04 74
Alexis : +32 475 97 02 19

Our team

Eric Boschman, elected best sommelier in Belgium.

Eric is an authentic and a sweet man. He has the capacity to make you travel and make your mouth water while speaking about the enjoyment of wines flavours. He makes the world of wine accessible for everyone. After listening to him, you’ll want to taste the wine he’s talking about but above all, you’ll want to know more about this fascinating world.

Eric is our “guarantee of quality” ! His role inside the team of Le Vin du Mois is to strictly select wines among our preselections in order to only keep the wines you will taste. Every month, he also drafts a earthy text (with an offset tone of his) about the tasted wine.

Alexis Van Lede, the wine catcher.

With an contagious and limitless energy, Alexis is an open, curious, sociable and epicurean man. He lives his life to the fullest and is ready to carry 3 projects out without complaining once. His dazzling smile invites you to enjoy life as he does, with a glass of wine in your hand in order to experience more enjoyment and discoveries.

Alexis is the master of the vessel “Le Vin du Mois” ! No sacrifice makes him step back. He runs the show, the team and the project with a master hand, but what a sweet and happy master. A master without pretention if not the one to share his passion and discoveries with you !

Martin Bruggeman, the employee of each month.

With a sweet and positive mood, Martin is a calm strength. He relentlessly moves forward while keeping his calm and his smile. Team player as welle as independent, he is the dreamed of colleague ; self-taught, he applies his new knowledge and offer a fresh look to the project. 

The third man, it’s him : Martin is the motor and the wheels of Le Vin du Mois. It’s with confidence and professionalism that he entered the project while Alexis was taking at top speed. He’s at your service, and what a service !

Our partners