Château de Minière, Amphore de Minière 2018

Our opinionThe color is deep red. The nose presents notes of blackcurrant and toasted notes. The palate is both fresh and structured. The finish is long and very aromatic with hints of spices and leather. To decant an hour or two before serving.

Temperature service : 18 – 20°C

Keeping : 2021 – 2028

Certification : Certified organic

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A red wine of excellence that has rested in amphorae. The quality of the terroir combined with the quality of the winegrower.

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The winemaker

The estate was acquired in 2010 by a Belgian couple, Kathleen Van den Berghe and Sigurd Mareels. For several centuries the vineyard has been managed by women: Kathleen continues the tradition there with her team. When Kathleen is in the vineyard, Sigurd works in the mining industry: he played a decisive role in the acquisition of the property through his activity … and in the choice of the name too!

Château de Minière is a 29 ha vineyard located in the Loire Valley. It is certified in organic farming. This estate produces still and sparkling red and rosé wines, with the emblematic grape variety of the appellation, Cabernet Franc. The elegance of their wines born from the alliance between tradition and innovation. Their cuvées in amphorae and wooden casks, as well as their century-old vines bear witness to this.

The Appellation

The AOC Bourgueil comes from the Touraine sub-region. It is located on the banks of the Loire 50km west of Tours. There are several levels in this wine-growing landscape, the heights of which are more strongly ventilated, and a climate more subject to oceanic influences than the rest of the Touraine sub-region, due to its extreme western position.

This promotes ideal ripening of the grapes. While the majority of the production is red wines, a few dry, light and fruity rosé wines are added to the AOC Bourgueil. The “gravel wines” are the most present, they are supple, aromatic and fruity with a beautiful purple color. They are well kept (5 to 10 years). “Tuff wines” are full-bodied and tannic in their youth, but capable of long aging, they can flourish and present characters of very interesting aromatic complexity.


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