Château de Ravensburg, Dicker Franz, 2015

Our opinion : Slightly darker than the Pinot Noir ruby, there is a fairly marked woody note initially, with a smoky touch. But that doesn’t crush the whole fruit. A perfectly balanced red wine on the nose and in the mouth. Great in every way and perfectly representative of German quality.

Temperature service : 16C° – 18C°

To drink : 2020 – 2035

Certification: Certified Organic

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A German Red who deserves his praise. To taste with the greatest wisdom …

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The Winemaker

Château Ravensburg's philosophy is that biologically assets are a prerequisite for the health and stability of the vines.
The team of winemaker Claus Burmeister does not use any artificial substances or chemically synthesized, and rather promotes biodiversity thanks to a vegetation cover habitat for a wealth of flora, fauna and microorganisms that improve soil fertility. 
In each quality category, from regional Gutswein to top wine range of Grosse Lagen. All the grapes are treated and vinified individually to bring out the distinctive characteristics of each plot. The entire harvest is exclusively manual, with several selection passages to make sure that only ripe and healthy grapes are processed. In fact, grapes are subject to a new selection upon arrival at the estate.

The Appellation

Only the best! The VDP wines from these sites are the best in Germany VDP. GROSSE LAGE is the designation of German vineyards of the highest quality. This is where the best wines from Germany grow, wines which are distinguished by their individual character and their ability to express the essence of their original vineyard. They are also known for their long aging potential. VDP wines. GROSSE LAGE are planted with typical grape varieties of
the region and corresponding to the needs of this respective vineyard. The vineyardsare precisely delimited by plots. Dry wines from these vineyards are called VDP. BIG GEWÄCHS.


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