Château Rioublanc, Blanc Sec 2018

Our opinion: Château Rioublanc offers us a very beautiful dry white Bordeaux. The 2018 vintage is when ripe to taste.
This white wine has a very beautiful golden yellow color. On the nose, it is very balanced. We have touches of white fruit such as pear. We start with a very lively palate, and then we enjoy a very nice length.

Service temperature: 8°C - 10°C
To drink: 2020 - 2022

Certification: Certified Organic

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A Bordeaux white wine made from manual harvests of Sauvignon, Sémillon and Colombard.
A balanced blend that signs the profile of this dry white!

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The Winemaker

Château Rioublanc is located on the right bank, so it is a Bordeaux made from a dominant Merlot, for a round and fruity wine.

The vines have been fully certified organic since 2012. A demanding choice. Beyond this, we support the techniques of "soil conservation" agriculture by favoring sown grass and limiting tillage as much as possible.

The result is a protected biodiversity which promotes good nutrition for the grapes. For 10 years that we have been practicing this “new” agriculture, the quality of our wines has not ceased to increase.

Philippe Carretero took over the family business in 1989 after training as an engineer-oenologist. In the beginning, therefore, he gradually moved from a “traditional” approach to a “modern” approach. From 2009, he started the conversion to organic.

The Appellation

AOC Bordeaux is a regional AOC produced throughout the Bordeaux vineyards.

The red wines are mainly made from Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot, the first bringing its tannic structure, the second the fruit and the velvety texture. Cabernet Franc can also be part of the blend. It then brings roundness and spicy aromas. Petit Verdot, Malbec and Carménère are additional grape varieties used in certain blends.

White wines are generally elegant, fruity and floral with hints of lemon, white flowers and peach. In the mouth, this translates into this dry and well-balanced side with strength and a nice roundness.


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