Domaine de La Ligière, Insomnia 2020

Our opinion: A true southern wine. It is a red IGP Méditerranée wine. A very nice mono-varietal 100% Syrah. The color is ruby with clear purple reflections, the nose is very greedy and expressive with aromas of ripe red fruits such as raspberry and redcurrant, the Syrah develops very beautiful notes of spices and violet. On the palate, the greediness is confirmed, the matter is very round and the fruit crisp.

Temperature service: 18 – 20 °C

Keeping: 2021 – 2024

Certification: Certified Organic

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A true Southern Syrah.
No added sulfites, of course!

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The winemaker

Concerned about respecting the nature of their terroirs and the typicity of their wines, the estate is certified in organic farming and has been practicing biodynamics for several years. They use no chemicals and produce natural, rich and complex wines.

The operation has existed since the beginning of the 1900s, but it was from the 1950s that Maurice BERNARD (the grandfather) gave priority to growing vines. Father Jacques BERNARD developed the wine estate by planting numerous plots of vines to reach a total area of ​​50 ha. In 2008, Philippe BERNARD (son of Jacques) and Elisabeth (his wife) created their own winemaking cellar and continued the work undertaken by their parents by applying for certification in organic farming. They are now the 5th generation of winegrowers, and cultivate 60 hectares of vines with prestigious appellations such as Vacqueyras, Baumes de Venise or Gigondas.

The Appellation

The “Mediterranean” IGP extends from Corsica to the Rhône department.
The wines produced are characterised by fruity aromas whose intensity and nature vary according to the grape varieties from which they are made and the techniques used. For red wines, extractions are carried out to preserve soft structures offering ripe and smooth tannins in the mouth. For white and rosé wines, the combination of different factors (choice of plots to preserve acidity, grape varieties, and technology with temperature control) makes it possible to seek and find the right balance, to preserve the freshness of the wines, their aromas and the fruitiness. The quality sparkling wines, red, rosé and white, offer a vivacity, a freshness and an aromatic persistence favoured by the foam setting.


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