Domaine des Féraud, Nature 2018

Our opinion : A different Syrah, fresh, fruity, both complex and light.
It is still amazing to see the difference in a wine without added sulfur! A real discovery of know-how.
The peppery notes of Syrah, its power and flexibility in the mouth, make it an ally for dark chocolate, and in particular strong chocolates, over 70% cocoa.

Temperature service : 16 – 17°C

To drink : 2021 – 2022

Certification : Organic certification

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A red without added sulphites. A different Syrah, both complex and light, which guarantees perfectly digestible pleasure.

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The Winemaker

Over 100 years ago, the lands of the Domaine des Féraud belonged to the Domaine de Peissonnel. We do not know when the first vines were planted there. We only know that the owners of the time, the Rival family, began their stubborn project on the future lands of the Estate. They planted the wonderful varieties of Syrah, Sémillon and Cabernet Sauvignon – emblematic vines of the Rhône Valley, Graves and Médoc – a few decades before these grape varieties were officially recognized as the appellation of Côtes de Provence, in 1977.

They obviously recognized the potential of climate and soil. These are ideal conditions for cultivating wines of character and elegance.
After the Rival family left the estate, the 150 ha were divided between Domaine Peissonnel (under the management of Pierre Lemaître) and the Domaine de Féraud (under the management of Bernard Laudon). The 86 hectares of Domaine de Féraud owe their name to a listed heritage inherited from the 18th century thanks to the name “Puîts de Féraud”.

The Appellation

AOP Côtes-de-Provence

The AOC Côtes-de-Provence covers more than 19,330 hectares, over three departments: the Var, the Bouches du Rhône and an enclave in the Alpes Maritimes. This terroir represents three quarters of the production of Provence wines, with a multitude of varieties each having a very distinct geological and climatic personality.

From a climatic point of view, the vineyard takes full advantage of exceptional sunshine and warm summers accompanied by mistral winds.

We discover structured wines with generous reds. The terroirs of the Côtes-de-Provence appellation area, depending on their location, favor the freshness of the wines and their suitability for aging.


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