Domaine Trichon, Et Si On Essayait 2020

Our opinion: This essay is a real discovery for Eric Boschman. A first and super good attempt! The dress is golden, almost bronze. We feel that there is no sulphite because it is characterized on the nose by this nutty, hazelnut side. On the palate, it is dry, fresh, with hints of exotic fruits. Which is drunk by itself and shared for a moment of simple happiness.

Serving temperature: 8 – 10°C

To drink: 2021-2023

Certification: Certified Organic

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A Chardonnay without added sulphites, which is drunk by itself and shared for a moment of simple happiness.

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The Winemaker

In 2001, Stéphane, then graduated from the prestigious Beaune viticulture school (21) in viticulture and oenology technician, took over the family estate and in 2009 it was Claire, his wife’s turn, to join forces with him to perpetuate the domain. The estate is 13ha, which represents a nice area to produce all the wines marketed by the estate, whose grape variety is historic on classics with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay but also on local grape varieties such as the wheel and the Mondeuse. Stéphane and Claire, very attached to the values ​​of nature, converted the estate to organic farming more than 10 years ago with biodynamic influences, such as the use of certain plants in infusion, decoction, … and lunar positions . Thus, no more synthetic products are used, and the doses of copper and sulfur are even more limited by the combination of the use of plants.

The Appellation

Bugey is located in the south-east of the Ain department, in the heart of the Lyon – Grenoble – Geneva triangle. Along the right bank of the Rhône, this vineyard oriented east to west on a south-facing slope is distinguished in certain portions by its steep slopes plunging towards the river. Its relief, very contrasted and beautiful, holds many surprises for walkers but also for wine lovers and connoisseurs. The significant work of a few invested winegrowers, resulted in 1958 in the appellation of origin delimited wines of superior quality Bugey. The continuous efforts to produce quality wines have borne fruit since on May 28, 2009 the Bugey wines obtained recognition as a Controlled Designation of Origin: AOC Bugey.


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