Gudule Winery, Dîner en Ville 2018

Our opinion : The high-end of Brussels! A white wine for your beautiful evenings, as its name suggests. It is a white wine with complexity, because it has a mixture of a lot of freshness but also roundness in the mouth. The passage in barrel for two of the four grape variety is very present on the nose and in the mouth.

Température : 16 – 18°C

Garde : 2020 – 2027

Certification: Certified Organic

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A Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet Franc blend with Belgian sauce.

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The winemaker

Walking the paths of France and Navarre, Thierry put on his boots to smell the soil, sharpen his senses and feed his passion for wine. Then, one day, he decided to make it his profession. However, not owning vines and living in Brussels, the challenge was great. Only one solution for him: to bring the grapes, in bunch. And it’s here that he works it, surrounded by his family and friends. His name is Thierry Lejeune and was a printer.
Gudule is the first urban cellar in Brussels: a cosmopolitan city and extraordinary multicultural, including wines, the fruit of creativity oeonological released, echoed. Each year, winegrowers too enthusiasts who are committed entrust Gudule with magnificent grapes from of the most beautiful European vineyards. 
In the cellar, the goal is to prolong their work through the most efficient vinification. possible, respecting the rhythm of the calendar as much as possible lunar.

The Appellation

Although vinified in the heart of Brussels, the wines of Gudule cannot not claim the status of Belgian wines. Indeed, by vinifying in Belgium grapes from other countries of the European Union, Gudule produces wines without geographical indication marketed, under the name "Wine of the European community".


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