What are the sulfites in wines ?

When drinking wine you may have noticed the mention « contains sulfites » on its label. But what’s its origin and its use ? 🧐

We think that the romans had the idea first : by burning candles with sulfide in some empty bottles, the wine that they putted in later tasted an semlled less vinegared.

At the Middle Age, adding sulfites to the wines was a common practice. 👑

The sulfites, or mor exactly, sulphur dioxide as a preservative agent has several assets. First, it’s an antioxidant that slows the oxidation reactions. In fact, it stops some organic compound from oxidating in the wine by preservating its color and perfume Secondly, it also is an important antimicrobial for a lot of drinks because it prevents mold and toxic bacterias from developping. 🍷

Nowadays, it is prefered to drink natural and organic wines that contains less sulfites than traditionnal wine. This to avoid bellyaches the day after… 🥂