Domaine des Pothiers, La Colline en Flamme 2019

Notre avis : Un rosé en 100% Gamay Saint Romain.

Il a un nez discret. Cela contraste avec la bouche qui est une explosion de fruits rouges.

On a une touche épicée qui provient typiquement du Gamay.

À servir frais, mais pas trop afin de conserver les arômes du Gamay !

Température : 8C°

Garde : 2020 – 2021

Certification: Certifié Biologique

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“Moi, du rosé comme cela, j’en veux tous les jours !”

Par Eric Boschman.

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Le Vigneron

The Domaine des Pothiers is a beautiful family history, the Pothiers, which has lasted for centuries.

The vine has always been present, to varying degrees in this operation depending on the operators. The current structure, mainly focused on the vine, has been developed by Denis Paire since 1949. Today, only a small breeding of Limousin cows remains, the domain being entirely focused on the work of the vine. Romain, who joined the estate in 2005, completed the transition to organic and biodynamic farming.

Romain has become one of the great defenders and ambassadors of the Gamay Saint-Romain grape variety, a Gamay variety from Beaujolais with smaller berries.


The Côte Roannaise is one of the most southerly vineyards in the Loire Valley, not far from the source of the river. It is installed on hillsides dominating the Loire and forming the first foothills of the Massif Central. The vineyard is confidential, with just over 200 hectares of vines planted on the best slopes, between 400 and 500 meters above sea level.

The very sandy and draining soils are of granite origin. They are perfect for our grape variety: Gamay Saint-Romain. Some more clay plots are devoted to the cultivation of Chardonnay.

The quality and the typicity of the wines of the Côte Roannaise allowed their classification in AOC in 1994.


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